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Washington D.C.'s Adrenalin Crew takes an unconventional route to becoming the best-known stunt group in America When we think of top stunt crews in the country, Star Boyz, Jason Britton with Team No Limit, and Darius with Servin' It Up are some of the first names that come to mind. In reality, though, when

Just who the fuck are those maniacs flying through the air at Warped speed on this year's tour? No dummy-not your crowd-surfing friends; we are talking about ADRENALIN CREW! If your familiar with the cult-favorite movie series Adrenalin Crew-otherwise known as "jackass on wheels" and also available on DVD in a "100% ilelgal" version-you know

DAREDEVILS The Adrenalin Crew give a crash course in stunts The Adrenalin Crew have taken more gambles on one wheel than a roulette0addicted senior citizen. When the Crew are not in front of a judge, they're usually stuffing DVD's full of eye popping stunts (available at www.adrenalinecrew.com). They mix in some self-mutilation for good measure. Jackass

SLINGING INK Adrenalin Crew 100% Illegal (Director's Cut), is a new daring DVD was released through Warner Music Group September 27h that brought professional tattooists with it. Adrenalin Crew is a documentary on motorcycle stunt riding and the lifestyle surrounding it. Not your typical biker flick these guys are on street bikes doing wheelies

Saint Steve of Stunts Coasting along the highway of fact atop the stunt-bike of news Reckless Steve from the US stunt team, the Adrenalin Crew is using his unique vantage point to look out for traditional Amish hours and carts that frequent Maryland's Budd's Creek. It's a safety thing, officer. American street stunting is breaking