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They're America's baddest motorbike stunt gang - and Loaded's flying down the fast lane with them. Look, ho hands! Wooooooh! The sound of the Antichrist - Old Bill sirens - blasts out at deafening volume over the wail of our screaming bikes. I'm doing 100pmh down a US highway on my borrowed bike, which

Wheelie Dealing After Years of Stunts, the Adrenalin Crew Is Getting Its Big Break -- and This One Isn't Painful By Lonnae O'Neal Parker Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, September 20, 2005; C01 The quarter-mile access road isn't quite dry when the Adrenalin Crew revs the engines. The crowd, nearly 200 who waited out the rain, hanging around the

Adrenalin Crew Derived from a 2002 Pay Per View special called "Introduction to Street Bike Insanity," the Adrenalin Crew's eponymous DVD introduces the AC riders, a talented bunch who can ride and stunt with the best out there while making you bust a gut laughing. Aimed at more of a crossover audience than the

Daredevil exploits show why freestyle stunt riding is fast becoming America's next big sport Motorcycle stunt rider Greg McGlynn's mom figures he'll grow out of it, this infatuation with death-deflying tricks aboard a motorcycle whipping down a street at 80 MPH. "She doesn't understand why I do this," the 25-year old single thrill seeker