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Super Street Bike Motorcycle stunt team article

Washington D.C.’s Adrenalin Crew takes an unconventional route to becoming the best-known stunt group in America

When we think of top stunt crews in the country, Star Boyz, Jason Britton with Team No Limit, and Darius with Servin’ It Up are some of the first names that come to mind. In reality, though, when it comes to

mainstream exposure beyond the insular stunt scene, the best-known stunt group in the coutry is probably Washing D.C.-based Adrenalin Crew–despite the fact that these guys are virtually unknown to core stunt riders. While most stunters lose it over the opportunity to perform in front of of 20,000 people during the lunch break at an AMA Superbike event, Adrenlin Crew has been seen by literally ten million people thanks to big payoff placements, including a globally distributed pay-per-view stunt special, a two page spread in men’s magazine FHM and a front-page store in the “Style” section of The Washington Post. That’s big-time exposure.

The loosely affiliated Adrenaline Crew is spearheaded by former Las Vegas Extremes cohort Kenny Kelley, who received his education in big-league entertainment in Hollywood where he has worked as a stunt actor in the film industry since 2001. After a bike-related injury made him miss a huge opportunity to do stunts for Biker Boyz, Kelley cut the first Adrenalin Crew video and go to work marketing it. Wanting to be more then just another video on the shelf, he set out to exploit untapped markers and immediately found success with the pay-per-view deal. Next Kelly attacked the European market with a DVD sampler distributed via UK’s Superbike magazine, which lead to an appearance on that country’s “Men and Motors” television show. Recently, in addition to FHM and The Washington Post, Adrenalin Crew has been featured in Loaded and Tattoo magazines and has their program “Urban Stunt Bikers” currently airing on Video On Demand.

Such success is the result of creative thinking and lots of hard work, Kelley tells us. “I spend way, way more time in front of a computer then I do on a bike,” Kelley says. And Kelly doesn’t expect things to slow down in 2006. Adrenalin Crew is scheduled to perform at all the stops of the Van’s Warped Tour and a few dates at Ozzfest (a full schedule is posted on www.adrenalinecrew.com). Plans are also underway for a tour of American Army bases. WWe just want to entertain people.”says Kelley. Adrenalin Crew proves that real success in this sport comes from perseverance and original thinking, not necessarily how many circle combos you can do.

Article by John Zamore
Super Streetbike Magazine June 2006