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motorcycle video game iphone android road rash motochaser

There were over 25 million Americans that flipped their leg over a motorcycle in 2009. However when you go to your local game shop or Best Buy you won’t see any street bike motorcycle games, no you may see the occasional track game or GP, but never how the days of Road Rash used to please us on our old game systems.

Lucky for you the Adrenaline Crew has invested into the research and funding to implicate a PC and iPhone / Android and ultimately Facebook based video game for motorcycle enthusiasts. The Beta Version should be out this May, featuring 10 game levels of racing and smashing your opponents off the bikes as you avoid police and obstacles in true Adrenaline Crew fashion.

What does this game offer that is so different then video games before it? Well your cash system for one. You will get cash during the game for the more motorcycle stunts you do successfully without being knocked off your bike by other opponents. You also get cash for punching and kicking the other riders, and of course by placing 1st-3rd place in the races.

You will then be able to spend your cash to get better bikes, more modifications, different paint jobs, oh and even a machine gun. This game is in the Beta testing stage and the “lite” version should be out this May!

We will be releasing this September 1st 2011, it is taking a long time but we feel it is worth the wait, plus it will be available for your iPhone or Android as well.

Here is a small teaser for ya!!