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October 2008

Title: Rock The Ink Location: Providence RI Link out: Click here Description: Tattoo Dan tattooed this weekend at Rock The Ink in Providence Rhode Island. Rock The Ink was a fucking blast!! We hung out with our friend Bob Tyrrell and the afterparty at Red Room was a blast. They better hire us next year to do

Sunday we tore it up in Baltimore Maryland at the last Models and Throttles show at Power Plant Live. The event, which started at about 11am, we showed up fashionable late at 2, was a mix of half nude chicks walking around NOT trying to get you to buy shots and motorcycle fanatics.  There was live

We gathered some statistics about motorcycle deaths, here is what we found. (takes a long time to perfect stats that's why they say 2006, just add on a few more for 2007 this information is gathered from http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/) 25% of fatalities from motorcycles from 2002 to 2006 the driver did not have a valid motorcycle

Title: Throttles and Models Location: Power Plant, Baltimore MD Description: Adrenaline Crew will be tearing it up at the Power Plant live Sunday October 12th, be sure to check them out, or at least the models! Start Time: 11:30 Date: 2008-10-04 End Time: 15:00