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Inside Edition with Adrenaline Crew motorcycle videos


“Bikers Gone Wild!  Death defying stunts on public roads Wheelies, weaving in and out of traffic, risking life and limb and putting your family in danger. Bikers out of control. on Inside Edition! WATCH BELOW!”

Well, we had a good time filming, and watching the episode on TV we are pleased that they let us talk as much as they did!  We have added on here the Inside Edition Article we found online, and we decided to upload OUR version of it as well.  Just so you can see where we tried to represent what we do and so forth.  Again this is all entertainment as risky as it is, so take it for what its worth.

Well, aside from the clip of “weaving in and out of traffic” and the highway family that felt soooo scared from the bikers in Washington State the clips were from our DVD series. We do not condone innocent people being hurt by what we do, nor to we do this shit by a person who is not involved with our Crew. It was a fun experience and hope everyone enjoyed it!

OK so this is it… The inside edition story on us and motorcycles.  We were contacted about doing a story for them over 3 years ago, but did not feel TOSSING ourselves into negative light is what we wanted to do.  We pride ourselves on our huge fan base spreading the word, not TV or mainstream promotion, especially since its so easy to say what we do is illegal and unsafe.  Check back in other articles where I show the stats that it is actually more dangerous to call the police while we are doing a wheelie, then our wheelie. Here is that article on motorcycle statistics. http://www.adrenalinecrew.com/inside-edition-motorcycle-stunts.html

Turtle in intersection during red light.

So we found ourselves face to face with one of the more notorious “Drill Sergent’s” fair but explosive Senior

Investigative Correspondent Matt Meagher!  He began as you will see just talking about how we

like to ride, how we got into riding and why we do this sort of stuff.  Slowly after he felt us out he started moving in for the kill! We had to battle with “is this fair to other drivers” and more

questions, we would answer with statistics and he would come back again trying to get different information out of us!  It was wild, but fun. Then we went and killed the streets for some footage, all for their show, hope they liked what we got, and we hope you do too!  PS if they make us look to stupid, we have the full tape we shot ourselves of the interview, so we will show it to see where they “cut and pasted” to make their little changes.  All in all it was for entertainment, so enjoy, we did!