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Heavy Metal Music Video Headbangers ball Fierce Allegiance


Washington DC’s Fierce Allegiance has been there since the beginning of Adrenaline Crew’s motorcycle video series media blitz.

Supplying music to the original Pay Per View specials and the motorcycle video UK television series “Urban Stunt Bikers”, Kenny Kelley of Adrenaline Crew began working on video production for the band eventually bringing in bass player John Ryan Flaherty to the crew to work as his assistant on tour and to study film and photography work with the notorious motorcycle stunt crew.

Fierce Allegiance’s music was incorporated into popular scenes from the series, such as their old school hardcore anthem “Metaphor” during Rob’s infamous Mustang bashing to the hard hitting “Until the End” which played in the most recent video release Adrenaline Crew 3: The Road Behind during Travis Pastrana’s Backflip scene.

On a break from Adrenaline Crew’s extensive tour schedule, John Ryan Flaherty returned to Washington DC to record “The Meaning of Sacrifice” with Producers Ken Olden (Fall Out Boy, Tila Tequila) and Kris Norris, Guitarist of Darkest Hour. The sessions included the self destructive “No Way Out” for which John Ryan contributed songwriting, guitars and bass performances.  The band then followed up the recording sessions touring with Vital Remains (feat Glen Benton of Deicide) and John Ryan went back on the International Motorcycle Show’s tour with Adrenaline Crew promoting the series, ending with the opening of Adrenaline Crew’s latest Main Street location in Daytona Beach this last bike week. In 2009 forces will join up again for another long state to state tour.

Here is the Music Video, Fierce Allegiance Featuring The Adrenaline Crew:

This past weekend, the collaboration continued as Adrenaline Crew’s ringleader Kenny Kelley took up the role as Director for Fierce Allegiance’s HD video “No Way Out” closely followed up by cinematographer Curtis Roginski, stunt performances by Turtle and EJ, and cameo by John Ryan Flaherty as photographer.  The promotional video was filmed in the dirty run down back parking lots of Baltimore’s Stadium district and showcases the intensity of the band’s live performance combined with the sheer danger and all around “badassity” that is Adrenaline Crew.

“The Washington DC/VA area has always been the spawning ground of innovative music from Minor Threat to Darkest Hour to Bad Brains to Lamb of God. Fierce Allegiance is ready to join the ranks of bands putting DC back on the map as the capital of heaviness.” – DCM Zine

After spending the past four years touring, playing shows, and three independent releases, Fierce Allegiance is back with a new album “The Meaning of Sacrifice” that redefines the boundaries of metal – melding melodic death metal, old school hardcore, street punk, thrash metal, and 80’s power metal into a sound that can only be described as HEAVY and LOUD. This album offers only sample of what is to come with their future releases.

Fierce Allegiance is more than a sound. It is an attitude. It is a way of life. They have never stopped and never given up. During the past four years these crazy metalheads have toured the U.S.A. playing more shows than can be counted – sharing the stage with every band imaginable – Vital Remains, Dragonforce, Unearth, Between the Buried and Me, Every Time I Die, Evergreen Terrace, Agnostic Front, Darkest Hour, Full Blown Chaos, Dark Tranquility, God Forbid, Skinless, Terror, Sworn Enemy, It Dies Today, Six Feet Under, Devin Townsend, The Misfits, Death Before Dishonor, Damnation AD, Kittie, The Agony Scene, Soilent Green, Misery Index, Living Sacrifice, The Warriors, Goatwhore, Common Enemy, Protest the Hero, Dying Fetus, A Life Once Lost, Demericous, Caliban, All Shall Perish, and the list goes on and on!

Their new album “The Meaning of Sacrifice” speaks to a generation filled with rage, paranoia, and frustration. It is the sound of the “Lost Generation.” The 13 songs are an anthem to the voiceless; from the rapid fire of “Face the Enemy” the active rock “Love/Hate” the killing rhythm of the “Viking” their call for retribution on “I Swear Revenge” the alcoholic anthem of “No Way Out” to the destruction of enemies on “Crime of Passion” the politically charged “Overcome,” the post-hardcore “Live For Today” and their guitar shred cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt.” This is the sound of the mosh pit, the noise of speeding down the street, the pain of getting your teeth kicked in, and the echo of marching to war.

Recruited into the Fierce Allegiance Army was Washington DC guitar shred master Kris Norris from Darkest Hour and Ken Olden from Damnation AD to oversee the album production.

Fierce Allegiance is attacking the internet by firestorm, recruiting legions of new fanatics through their MySpace and PureVolume page. The band has received over 100,000 plays prior to the new MySpace player update in September 2008.
In March 2008, Fierce Allegiance debuted on the PureVolume Top Artist Chart at number 7 between the Bullet for My Valentine and As I Lay Dying. The band still reins in the Top 20 most downloaded/streamed Metal band on PureVolume tallying over 40,000 streams in four months.
Their Promotional EPK Video is the most watched “unsigned” video on Metal Injection TV, holding steady in the Top 5 Video Charts with 13,000 steams!

The metal press is taking notice, as the band has been spotlighted on MTV, Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles, Lambgoat, PureVolume, Metal Maniacs, Trig.com, Metal InjectionTV and much more.

Fierce Allegiance has been featured on best selling extreme sports soundtracks since 2003, including the number 1 selling special interest motorcycle video series “Adrenaline Crew.”

Run your mind through the gauntlet of these songs of honest, anthem inspiring, and unforgiving metal, and you will emerge stronger than before, greater than you were, ready to take on all the darkness and corruption of the world and win.

Look for the Fierce Allegiance live assault to hit your town in the near future! You have been warned!

All Photography by AC’s own John Flaherty!