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June 2008

Motorcycle stunts at Hot Import Nights?   You bet!  This weekend June 14th Adrenaline Crew rips it up at Hot Import Nights in Landover Maryland.    Hot Import Nights (HIN) is the country's largest touring automotive lifestyle event and the leading influencer in the sport compact car market. In addition to a dazzling display of the nation's

AC got to do the stunt shows for a few of the Pink Episodes. Introducing Mike Jones, this was the first show Mike came down too, (aside from parties and the drunk anarchy). Dave Boyd, Mike, Reckless Steve and Kenny got to do the shows. Another time our friend Nick TMF came down to

motorcycle videos A lot of people like to blame crotch rockets and their usual young adrenaline junkie for being an asshole flying down the street at break neck speeds and doing the occasional wheelie or other such antic.  The truth is and I hope its not only people who agree with me reading this