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Hot Import Nights

Motorcycle stunts at Hot Import Nights?


You bet!  This weekend June 14th Adrenaline Crew rips it up at Hot Import Nights in Landover Maryland. 


Hot Import Nights (HIN) is the country’s largest touring automotive lifestyle event and the leading influencer in the sport compact car market. In addition to a dazzling display of the nation’s best and most numerous customized show cars, this one-of-a-kind pop culture experience also features live music/dance performances in a unique lights-out, nightclub atmosphere. Revelers are treated to elaborate product displays from sponsors such as Boost Mobile, NOS Energy Drink, The Army National Guard, Pioneer, Envizio, Bridgestone, GM Tuner Source and more.

Accompanied by its sister event series Nightshift, which features modified cars, drift demos, Freestyle MotoX, dyno runs, and bike stunts, the touring festival boasts 21 shows in the U.S., attended by almost half a million auto enthusiasts, in addition to international shows in Guam, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Brazil, among others.

Hailed by Newsweek magazine as the “Lollapalooza for millions of hipster-hobbyists”, HIN has been leading the automotive scene to new heights year after year. The event’s innovative format and highly sought after content attract record attendance numbers in key markets, setting a new standard for car shows.