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After three long years the Adrenaline Crew is back!
bio-mechanical-tattoo-paul-boothThe Crew has created a path of carnage for the past five years and now they up the level of pain in Adrenaline Crew 4: Verdict Guilty.

Tattoo Magazine first featured these guys in an article in March 2006 when they were just getting their start.  Now established artists, they have toured with the likes of Bob Tyrrell and Paul Booth.  Among the familiar faces are Tattoo Dan and Willis, the lead tattoo artists for this unruly band of misfits who have been steadily on the road with them tattooing in places like Daytona Beach Bike Week and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

With the success of Adrenaline Crew: 100% Illegal, the Crew went on to make two more movies before taking a much Tattooing at the penthouse in Daytona Beachneeded break, not only from touring but from court cases.  On Adrenaline Crew 2: Awaiting Trial and Adrenaline Crew 3: The Road Behind, Paul Booth inks up the flesh of unsuspecting tattoo virgin Van.  The clip is now a well downloaded fixture on YouTube (search Paul Booth Adrenaline Crew).  Van sweats and twitches as Paul teases him over and over on how bad it is going to hurt.  The menacing sounds of death metal titans Dying Fetus looms beneath the scene and human organs seem to dance in jars surrounding as Van quivers.  After a suspenseful build up, Paul tears into Van’s flesh and creates a brilliant bio-mechanical tattoo, showing off his bicep and following the natural curvature of his arm.

EJ-motorcycle-stuntFans began to get in on the tattoos as well, with the “AC” logo as the centerpiece.  The Crew has tattooed loyal fans all over the world, and made sure to document the branding experience for their series.  Now they hope to turn their artwork into helmet designs for Adrenaline Crew’s new line of motorcycle gear.  “It’s the next logical step”
states owner Kenny Kelley.  “We came up as our own fans, loving what we did.  Now we need to take it to the next level.  Too many guys in the Crew have to eat now.”  Along with a line of motorcycle helmets, the Crew is creating gloves, jackets and high performance oil.

In Adrenaline Crew 4, distributed through First Look Studios, Tattoo Dan is joined by friend and tattoo great Bob adrenalin crewTyrrell as they tattoo fanatical fans.  Another member of AC, Reckless Steve enjoys the pain of getting his penis tattooed with “your name” down the shaft.  After a few excruciating attempts to try and tattoo it himself, he gives up the needle to Willis who reluctantly finishes the job.  The work the Crew has done with tattooing and the friends that they have met along the way reflect their free spirit and system-free outlook on life.
The crew have proven themselves as a self-made, motivated DIY machine and are here for anyone who enjoys crazy street bike mayhem, vehicle antics and all around debauchery in every way.