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superbikes motorcycle stunt tv show

Before there was Superbikes Adrenaline Crew had the first ever Motorcycle tv show geared towards motorcycle stunts called Urban Stunt Bikers. 

This TV Show aired on the Men and Motors channel in Europe.  It landed 2 seasons in UK, Poland and Australia/New Zealand as well. At the bottom of this page you can watch an episode for free right now!


Hosted by Kenny Kelley this series provides an in-depth look into the growing underground culture of street stunt-biking, where riders risk damaging their bikes, bodies and egos to push themselves and this sport further everyday. This series includes heart-pounding, high-speed stunts, confrontations with the law and hilarious pranks. Each episode features a stunt of the week segment, tech tip segment, biker profile segment, and a crash & burn segment culminating with the ultimate “Wipe Out of the Week.”


This show was followed by a Pay Per View special to squeeze the most out of this series and The Adrenaline Crew.  They were not paid for the Pay Per View, and that is the last time Adrenline Crew aired on PPV. Adrenaline Crew is in talks with some Cable Networks about an updated version of the show with new movies, the new motorcycles and videos.

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