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Rock of love 3, Love Bus stars gia aka kareena

Rock of Love 3 “Love Bus” Starring Gia Adrenaline Crew’s own aka Kareena see her nude in the Adrenaline Crew Chicks DVD!



Watch how hardcore Kareena goes in this FIRST episode of Rock of Love 3. Read below for more information on her and Rock of Love on VH1! We all know now she was kicked off the first episode, i guess in Brett’s old age he can’t hang with the young ones… All good we don’t want Gia slowing down, she is as crazy as the guys and doesn’t care who knows it!

Yes that’s right the hot blond from the cover of the Adrenaline Crew chicks DVD is one of the stars on Rock of Love 3. Kareena (known on the Rock of Love show as “Gia”)As you might image she is just as out of control as the guys in the Crew if not crazier!!!! No joke, don’t believe me?? Here is a scene from Rock of Love 3 from the VH1 website… What a babe puking just like Street Bike Tommy, Robert or Kenny would do! Ahh its so good to see the chicks get down like the guys!

Oh yeah, we also hung out with Bret at Rock the Ink in Rhode Island, not only was he a cool dude and had EVERYONE come to the after party, but he talked real on stage… I’m not jocking the dude, but he was pretty chill. Kareena, opps i mean Gia couldn’t name 4 Brett Michael songs during the interview…So fucking what, the songs are like 80 years old, come out with some new hot shit and then maybe she can think of the names…I can name all my favorite Hatebreed songs!!

Anyways Kareena is doing it her style, hope she lasts long on the Show, knowing the history of Adrenaline Crew im surprised she is even on long enough for an interview haha! Here is the trailer for the TV show, keep an eye out it premiers Sunday January 4th on VH1 at 9pm!! Remember for an uncensored look at full nudes of Gia, I mean Kareena from Rock of Love 3, be sure to purchase the Adrenaline Crew Chicks DVD from our site now! Also she has a website coming soon with exclusive content and photos, check back here for that site! So below is the first episode, if you want to see Gia scroll to 10:28 minutes into the video below!!! Then keep watching from there..haha make us proud girl!!!!!!!

What did Gia do on Rock of Love 3 that they could not show?  What did Gia do that even Brett Michael himself was shocked by?  A cooter shooter of course!  If you are not in the stripper scene let me help you understand that.  Gia put a shot in between her hips- in between her lips and the other chick nikki with over stuffed boobs gobbled it up!  As you saw Nikki had Ghonoria papers that she was writing her rap to Brett on.  Not sure if that was planned or not, what we do know is Brittaney does porn, most of the chicks are smoking hot, and we hope Brett used viagra and didn’t puss out like he did with Gia.  Oh well, there is always Charm School 3!