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Silent Beacon – Personal safety alert system made for motorcyclists

At 6’1 200 lbs the founder of Adrenaline Crew is not the first guy you would think of to need help in an emergency, however after so many motorcycle accidents he has seen, he realized something needed to change.  “I was watching people get hurt, and not be able to get help in time, and i mean regular motorcycle riders who are just cruising around”.  This paired with his infatuation with CNN lead him to the idea of creating a device that would alert your family and friends, as well as allow them access to your real time location if you get into an accident.
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The Silent Beacon is a patented personal safety Bluetooth device, ensuring your well being at all times. In the world today, we all have a certain fear about being out on our own, especially at night. I know for myself personally, I do not even like going out by myself late at night, due to the fear of something happening to me. Women especially can never be too careful. The Silent Beacon can put your mind at ease, in a way. It is a security device, allowing you to contact someone for help in case you’re in an emergency situation. The application that you install allows your location to be tracked – which comes in handy, especially if you yourself don’t even know where you are.

You can create a list of 8 contacts in whom you can call upon for help. This is a key feature, as it ensures that at least 1 person on your list will be there in case of an emergency. If you are in extreme distress, you have an option of tapping a button to immediately call for the police. You can send mass messages out, have your contacts see your up to date location, get immediate access to 911, and more. All of these options are important if you are in dire need of help. Sometimes we go into such a panic mode that we can’t even think straight enough to make a phone call. By sending out a simple customized message to 8 of your contacts, it takes the stress out of having to try and reach each person, one by one.

Untitled-1Prices are also extremely affordable. Silent Beacon only charges its users $60, while other companies such as ADT charge as much as $570 for the same level of service. There are no monthly service charges, no installation fees, and no contract. You really don’t have anything to lose.

If your personal safety is an issue to you, don’t waste any time. Get the Silent Beacon app on your device and rest assured – help will be there if you need it.   Please help support their indiegogo campaign or visit their website at ww.silentbeacon.com and https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/silent-beacon-alert-track-people-in-emergencies