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Schools back, motorcycle video game time?

Adrenaline Crew has finished up their world tour and is safely back in the USA. Thanks to all the fans and friends across the globe!  Despite


Kenny’s injury before we left for tour it was still everything we hoped it would be.  Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland to name a few as well as endless party nights and blown up tires this was a great time. Even the off days hanging with such people as Phil from Down/Pantera and the guys in Coal Chamber as well as famous tattoo artists from around the world.




Now the Crew gets back to work on their latest video game Race Stunt Fight 3 which features motorcycle racing with bluetooth multiplayer so you and your friends can beat the shit out of each other  for hours!  All new cutting edge graphics and weaponry make this the most exciting motorcycle video game to date!  Look for it this fall on all smart phones, we are also trying to Xbox/PS4 so StAY TUNED!
Race Stunt Fight 3