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Race Stunt Fight 3!

New phones with better graphics allow us to up the look at feel of the all new Race Stunt Fight motorcycle video game available now for iPhone and Android.  This time around your motorcycle has a special weapon that can help ward off the enemy bikers.







The button layout is similar to RSF 2, with a few exceptions.  Follow the diagram below from left to right:
RED FIST  – this is how you punch and kick your enemies and use your weapons like chainsaw and bat.
BLUE 4 WAY EYE VIEWER – Switch your view of the game, you can watch your player stunt, press up for a birds eye view, or hold down for reverse look.
RED and GRAY II PAUSE – This is the pause button that lets you restart the level, go to main menu or resume when you are ready.
BLUE  SKULL – This is your turbo, when you see it, tap it for an explosion of speed.
RED SKULL – This will show up when you fill your bonus bar at the top up.  Unleash your mini-gun or flamethrower!
YELLOW SKULL – Tap this to stunt!  Stunting will fill your bonus bar at the top.  Slide this button up to slow down or do an endo!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.39.14 PM