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Oh Morgantown…

Here are some pictures from MountainFest, West VA’s premier bike event which features yours truly. We have been fortunate enough to be invited to this event for the past 5 years but after this year, I think the invitations might just get lost in the mail…


So what if a man gets his 7th DUI?  Adrenaline Crew is in town!!  This shot was from our 3rd time going to the event, I am not sure if the DUI story was us or not…


A high angle on the event, we got to see that guy who sings “cat scratch fever” but i didn’t hear him sing it, epic fail.

Everyone just relaxing at the room after the first day.  Had we known what was going to go down that night I would have hid my BBQ Grill and taken out the video camera.



This looks like a shot from a Hollywood horror set but unfortunately it’s just our room.  Besides the obvious blood stain welcoming you into the room, if you look closely at the floor, it’s covered too.   The whole room smelled like iron.  I can’t tell you what went down as we’re still dealing with it, but we were evicted from the Hotel and of course Kenny was charged the bill.



Here is a clip of Boyd attempting his “special” move; the watchtower.  It’s a very difficult trick and he’s one of the very few that can usually pull it off.  This just wasn’t one of those times.




Here it is performed correctly by David Boyd at Maryland International Raceway.




Keep in mind this is not even the credit card we used for the Hotel, this was just the one we swiped for that 50 dollar hold for “accidentals”.