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Motorcycle Helmets, custom graphics, Adrenaline Crew models!

Motorcycle helmets are all made overseas.  No matter how much bullcrap marketing companies try to tell you, there are no helmets produced in the United States .  The fact is that the only real difference in helmets are customer satisfaction and design.  For many riders, even D.O.T. safety standards aren’t considered when selecting a new lid.  Did you know that the safest helmet according to the Department of Transportation has the lowest customer satisfaction rating?  How funny is that?

We are going into the helmet business for one simple reason… because currently no other company caters to the American rider.  I won’t bash the helmet companies or tell you about how companies create a new helmet line just to get lower prices and better deals in distribution catalogs.  That will just get our helmets blacklisted and I don’t feel like opening that can of worms.


I will tell you that after they go through the standards of D.O.T., ECE and whatever other tests are required by law, our helmets are tested on our own heads, in real world situations.  I mean really, what does knowing that the helmet will withstand a machine hitting them in the same spot over and over actually accomplish?  You’ve seen our riders.  We have done more in these helmets than your average rider.  From accidental to intentional wrecks, tosses, drops and even mishaps with foreign substances (what was that stuff?), we put our gear through more abuse than you or anyone you know combined.  OUR HELMETS ARE NOT JUST TESTED, THEY’RE PROVEN!

So keep your eyes peeled because we will be launching our helmet line in 2012 but may just have a little surprise in the form of a limited edition run available for the core AC followers a little sooner.