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Charm School 3, gia lynn back again on VH1 with rikki lake!

Rock of Love: Charm School 3 2009She is BACK! Gia Lynn from Adrenaline Crew and Rock of Love is here for Charm School 3! Be prepared cause it gets even crazier then Rock of Love…

Hard to understand how such a sexy package can pack such a verbal punch, but Gia Lynn is back to let you know what is on her mind!  With more tattoo’s then on Rock of Love 3 Love Bus, Gia Rock of Love: Charm School 3 2009and her social misfits come visit Rikki Lake in attempts to get rehabilitated from her previous behavior issues.

Not sure if we will see a change, but if anything Gia brings excitement and drunken humor to the mix.  Be sure to watch the Super Trailer below, and watch till the end!

The last shot of the Charm School trailer has a very distraught Gia Lynn letting the camera’s know what she thinks! So watch the whole thing and don’t blink!  Airs May 11th on VH1!