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Car drifting hyperfest 2008

Adrenaline Crew is back at this years Hyperfest at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.  The show includes drifting, live music and motorcycle stunts performed by the Adrenaline Crew. Mike Jones, Gerry, Reckless Steve, EJ and the rest of the gang tore it up in between the drifting and car flips. Some of the footage can be seen in Adrenaline Crew 3 The Road Behind. A preview is located at the bottom of this article.

The Daredevil Throwdown will test the toughness of spectators and participants alike. A bit like Fear Factor, this event is going to generate some cheers and jeers. The challenge this year includes playing with the Girls of HyperFest, Blind Driver Cart Races, Ice Bobbing, Jalapeno Pepper Eating Contest, Pit Man Challenge, Piercing and Tattoo contests…….read the rules below!

HyperFest welcomes back Inflation Nation. They are bringing bigger and better inflatable attractions as well as a rock climbing wall. The Inflation Nation Kids Zone at HyperFest will keep the kids busy for a long time and they will come away with exhausted smiles.
Camping is available – set up camp around one of the most respected tracks on the East Coast.
If you build it…..they will laugh…with you…Think you can beat the boys of Sektion Eight? These guys are crafty and ready to stir up some rice! This is a contest all about having a good time with 3 of your friends. You have 3 hours to build the best Ricer out of all the teams entered. You have all seen them before – cars with wooden wings, cardboard spoilers, and stickers everywhere. This is your chance to build one using our cars, not yours.

HyperFest will supply each team with a compact car along with a Ricer Trunk Kit. The kit will consist of some basic tools and a random selection of building materials such as spray paint, plywood, PVC pipe. You name it, it could be in there. Your team will have 2 hours to build the best Ricer. The winner will be determined by creativity and humor. The winning team will receive an awards package and trophy from HyperFest and it’s sponsors.

Teams must register in advance at by emailing Chris Cobetto at chris@hyper-fest.com or signing up at the Hyperfest information booth at the event. Only three lucky teams will get to participate so interested teams are encouraged to register early.
Please note: There is no spectator camping on Friday night, June 20. Spectator camping will only be on Saturday, June 21.

Gates open at 9:30am on Saturday.

Don’t miss the world famous Zambelli Fireworks

Hang out for a fireworks show from the internationally known, first family of fireworks. Check them out, these are the same people that have done shows for the Statue of Liberty Anniversary Celebration, various Super Bowls, Las Vegas, Mt. Rushmore and more.

Drive with a Pro. Learn to Drive LIKE a Pro.

REGISTER TODAY! Your dream is to be a race driver. You want the cars, the money, the hotties, and all that comes with a racer’s life. But…usually the expense of getting into racing is extreme. Well, Hyper Fest and NASA have made it easy and inexpensive for you to get involved and get a taste of the excitement.

This is your chance to experience the awesome, Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway.

The Hankook Hyper Drive is an introduction to the world of high performance driving on the racetrack and for only $40. Your classroom session will teach the basics you will need when you are at speed and then it’s off to the track where your personal instructor will strap into your passenger seat and coach you as you push your car faster and faster. This is the first step to your dream! Are you driver enough to take it?

Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license or ID. Every car must pass a basic technical inspection (check the NASA HPDE tech sheet here) for safety reasons. Loaner helmets are available.

If you have registered on line you still must check in at the Information Booth at the track. Spots will be filled on a first come first served basis for session assignment. There are 2 sessions during the day. Get to the track early to schedule the one you want.  We will see you there!