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Adrenaline Crew 1 “100% illegal”

Pictures from the documentary, Adrenaline Crew 1 100% illegal” (Directors Cut Edition) Spawned from the hit Pay-per-view special “Introduction to Street Bike Insanity”, Kenny Kelley’s fearless Adrenaline Crew is here on DVD with a barrage of motorcycle and car stunts, pranks and other offensive and illegal mayhem that will keep them in court for years!

Named by Europe as “Jackass on wheels”, watch them create havoc on roads across the USA terrorizing everything in their path. The Director’s Cut features new footage like AC tattooing, new riders, girls, fireworks, fights, wrecks, angles and new illegal stunts, new footage, skits and cop interaction for your amusement!

Adrenaline Crew 1 is the classic, we are offering it at only 14:99!  This movie is the one that started it all and this is the re-mastered version.

Includes bonus and deleted scenes directors commentary and the trailers to the other Adrenaline Crew DVDs.
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