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motorcycle helmets premium helmets for riders of motorcycles

Adrenaline Crew is changing and we wanted the fans to see what was going on first, even before we release our press statement this holiday season.

We have been putting out life threatening DVDs since 2003 starting with our Pay Per View special that was aired on DirecTV.  We built a huge fan base and have been a bad word on the mouths of cops and judges for 8 fucking years, and we still love it!  However the economy and DVD sales are in the shitter.  Copies of Adrenaline Crew videos are endlessly bootlegged and downloaded, making it difficult to even make enough money to cover our court costs and insurance.

The amount of sponsors the Crew gets is down too.  No longer are the days of 100’s of free helmets and sponsorship money.  Not only that, but most helmet companies don’t give two shits about street bike stunting.  That’s  ironic since, in case you live under a rock in a galaxy far far away, you would realize most of the motorcycle industry emulates the fads and trends of the core stunt community.

So it seems like a no-brainer to refocus Adrenaline Crew into a brand making the products that we in the motorcycle community need the most, starting with premium helmets.  In true Adrenaline Crew style, these helmets will be cutting edge with new graphic techniques and even a  customization ability that the world has never seen.  When we first started Adrenaline Crew, all of our equipment was custom and it was stupid of us to not have started a brand then with our custom AC helmets and custom light setups.

Kenny had a mercury switch set to 2 fog lights under the lower fairings so when he would do a wheelie at night the road would light up as if he was still on two wheels.  It would also make it easier for other drivers to see him.  This became a trend of the Crew, then of the local riding scene, but we did nothing to capitalize on it.  He also made the first full face graphic helmet in 1997 to which AC has been known for over the years with various skull helmets.  These helmets have been featured in all the Adrenaline Crew series over the years.

So here we go, our new helmet line will be showcased hopefully on the 2011 International Motorcycle Tour which may hit a city near you!  Can’t make the tour?  Don’t worry, our website will have the pictures and information up first, before you can get it anywhere else.

If you are a dealer, please stay tuned for our brochures.

To our loyal, die hard and insane fans… spread the word!  Because like everything else we have done, you are the key to getting our name out there.

Thanks as always,