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Hatebreed bass player Chris Beattie and his clothing line Bridgeport Republic

Adrenaline Crew teaming up with Hatebreed’s own Chris Beattie and his new clothing line Bridgeport Republic

Now as you all are well aware, we dont wear ANYONES clothing. We sport our AC shirts for exposure and Chris Beattie of Hatebreed killing it at Ozzfestbecause we usually only run a shirt design for a limited time so everyone gets the feel they have a custom shirt. Also so you don’t end up going to a party where 9 other people are rocking the same shirt.
People give us shirts all the time, but a free shirt is just that, a free fucking shirt. We get tons of free hats, shirts, and endless stickers… I am not sure how Kenny and the Crew met Beattie and Hatebreed but one thing is for sure, they are all fucking crazy! They play metal, we destroys anything metal. I know The Crew has been big fans of Hatebreed for years. We found out about Beatties shirt company Bridgeport Republic and they were cool enough to get the Crew backstage passes to Ozzfest and toss them some merch. Well, a mutual respect grew and now Bridgeport is the only other clothing line besides Adrenaline Crew gear that we wear. You can see shots of BRP shirts in Adrenaline Crew 2 Awaiting Trial (Directors Cut) and Adrenaline Crew 3 The Road Behind, as well as future DVDs.

Bridgeport Republic Clothing was founded on a do it yourself mentality. Founders Chris Beattie and Darryl Pettway are the personification of that “do it yourself” mentality. Both men have been immersed in all aspects of street culture for the past 30 years. They set out to bring artists, musicians, and everyday people a line of clothing that keeps its roots planted firmly in the streets. This message is a reminder to its supporters that no matter how far we grow; always remember where you come from. When you can’t count on anyone we are reminded that we can always count on ourselves.

Bridgeport Republic Clothing honors its past, present and future by sticking strongly to our beliefs. Not everyone is cut from the same cloth and not everyone walks the straight and narrow. Yet, we all hustle to make an impact on this world. We look to our brothers, our sisters, our family, our friends for support and we get by the way we know how. Bridgeport Republic Clothing identifies with the hustle and struggle we all face.

No one hands you anything in this world. If you want something you go out and make it happen. These are the ideals that we embody. These are the lessons we have learned. Bridgeport Republic is not some clever marketing scheme, or some fly by night run of the mill clothing company. Bridgeport Republic is an attitude. Bridgeport Republic represents those who refuse to lay by the wayside and give in. It represents those who carve their own path in life rather than traveling someone else’s road. Never weak and never afraid, we unite under one flag.

This isn’t some “get rich quick” scam, or some trend. This is a movement. This is a set of ideals burned into every mind that has ever triumphed when life has tried to keep you down. This isn’t a fashion show. This is an attitude, a never say die attitude. This is clothing straight from the streets.

Bridgeport Republic worn by Adrenaline Crew