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Hollywood CA., (January 1, 2013) – Leading motorcycle brand Adrenaline Crew llc. Makers of the platinum selling Adrenaline Crew DVD series in conjunction with Geekless Gaming Inc. announced today the release of their highly anticipated  “Race Stunt Fight 2” for the iPhone® and Android® mobile devices.

Filling the void of the long lost Road Rash® series, Adrenaline Crew has digitized their insane real life street bike antics to fit safely into your phone.  Play as a street bike stunt rider, a road racer or unlock the police officer and Harley riders to battle for first place while dodging traffic, cops and rival riders.

The new game has custom bikes and riders with statistics which allows for customization of your player, and a bonus buck system to help you unlock new moves as well as weapons which can help deliver a deadly blow to the enemy bikers you face in the game.

President of Adrenaline Crew, Kenny Kelley comments – “We have done it all, but we realize we must progress with life, the DVD industry is dead, its all about mobile, so in between touring and other projects I started a new company Geekless Gaming which aims to create mobile apps and video games based off of popular movie series.”

Gamers across the board will fall in love with this easy to control wheelie machine.  With weekly updates to add more features, bikes and levels this game will never get boring.  Play with your friends or post up your scores directly to facebook or the leader boards!

“Race Stunt Fight 2” is available throughout the world on the iPhone® and Android® mobile marketplace. For More information on the game, promotional photos and game trailers, please visit www.Adrenalinecrew.com, www.geeklessgaming.com and www.facebook.com/adrenaline.crew

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About Adrenaline Crew llc.

Adrenaline Crew llc., is a leading global producer, publisher and developer of interactive media content — including Film, TV, DVD, mobile, Pay Per View and online.  The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top motorcycle franchises, including the Adrenaline Crew DVD Series, urban Stunt Riders® TV show, and their new AC® brand of premium motorcycle safety helmets, gloves and apparel due out publicly in 2012.  More information about the company and its products can be found at www.adrenalinecrew.com

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